Caineville, Utah, also known as Swing Arm City, is hands-down a dirt biking paradise. Located just 20 minutes east of Capitol Reef National Park, the drive from Salt Lake is anything but boring. So, when the invite came to join my cousin and his friends on an overnight dirt-biking trip, I knew I couldn’t miss it as the drive alone is worth the trip.

Torrey, Fruita, & Capitol Reef

Though there are a couple of route options from Salt Lake to Caineville, we opted for the route through Capitol Reef. The road through Torrey, Fruita, and the surrounding area, is one of my favorite drives in Utah. The contrasting colors of Fruita’s red cliffs and green foliage blow my mind. I highly recommend taking some time to explore as the possibilities are endless.

Toothless & Cliffs
Fruita Cliffs

Dirt Biking Paradise

When you arrive at Swing Arm City, you can instantly see the appeal as the views are great and the terrain is awesome for riding. From what I’m told, the location’s popularity generally means crowds. However, when we arrived, we were surprised to find that we were one of the only two groups there.

Swingarm City
Swing Arm City

We wasted no time finding a base camp and the lack of crowds made it easy. After unloading all six bikes, we geared up and headed out to get as much riding as possible before sundown.

Base Camp
Base Camp

That night, the sky was crystal clear and full of stars. The Milky Way was unmistakeable and meteors were shooting through the sky at a rate that I had never seen before. The temperature was crisp but I was plenty warm inside of the 4Runner.

Dark Night

Duke’s Slickrock Grill

As expected, day 2 started off with more riding. We rode for a few hours then refueled with a large meal at Duke’s Slickrock Grill. I had scoped out the restaurant prior to our visit and read some great reviews so we had to check it out. The 4.6 star Google review was right on; the food was great and the price was average for the location. I definitely recommend you hit Duke’s up to refuel and relax.

After Brunch, we rode for a few more hours, packed up, and headed back to Salt Lake finishing up an EPIC trip.


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